Hiya! This is my site, called, Random Whatever. Now, you all know those days when you just have nothing to do, and all the websites you get to are boring, and you just wanna smack the computer so that you would find something interesting to do..... Yeah.

     So, anyways, this is a site that everyone can visit, and it's free. It's a place where you can enjoy Weekly updates of stuff, and suggest random pictures you want on this website. You can go to pages that I create, and look and enjoy and probably laugh over it. It might sound boring (Ugh, pictures), but you're all welcome.

     Go to the contact us page to tell me what you think about this website, suggest things, and yeah.

Random Whatever,
DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of the pictures! They belong to their rightful owners!!

 Puppy Waving!!!

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